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  1. Hi guys, this Pauline

    here is a topic:

    .Can stereotypes influence decision in a work place?

  2. i think this topic is not clear to me

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  4. I think the topic you chose is really interesting! Would you mind giving us more context, so we can understand it better? You can also post an article related to the topic.

  5. Yes, I think you can post an article related to the topic is better ~~

  6. your topic is to general, however you can give us an article that consist what kind of stereotype and work place

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  8. Stereotypes limit workplace options

    When you see a stranger, you probably notice the person's age, gender and race. If your first impression is based upon any one of these factors, you are relying upon a stereotype.

    These types of discrimination are unfair. And they prevent us from benefiting from a mix of backgrounds, ideas and perspectives. Still, job seekers, co-workers and employers are hurt by them every day.

    The following age discrimination comments are often heard:

    {} "He's bald and looks old. I'll bet he's counting the weeks until he gets on Social Security."

    {} "I wouldn't want to work for them. The boss looks like she has been around since the Mayflower."
    {} "He's still wet behind the ears. How could he be of any help to us?"

    {} "His beard and long hair make him look like a young rock star. I'll bet he's got an attitude problem."

    An employer may miss hiring a valuable employee because of such stereotyping. Job-seekers may dismiss career opportunities. Co-workers may lose a chance to get a different perspective on a problem by not discussing it with someone whom they have prejudged.

    Each age group includes people who would be great to work with and someone who would be a problem.

    At a party recently, several fifty-something people were extolling the joys of their age.

    One person described how much easier it is for him than for some of his younger colleagues to manage the changes that are currently going on at his company. He said he could handle changes easily because he had survived similar changes in the past.

    His attitude was: "Hey! This is just one more change. Let's put it in perspective."

    He believes he serves as a leveling force for some of the younger people.

    Another person described the energy she feels at this time of life. She said had vitality because she no longer needs to balance the demands of child-rearing with her career.

    On the other hand, some fifty-something people are stressed out from struggling with elder-care responsibilities or the unemployment of a middle-aged spouse. Many younger people are also stressed out, some by raising teenage children, and others by trying to meet the needs of dual-career marriages and babies.

    No one age group is exempt from personal strains and stresses. A history of successfully managing stressful situations should be of more interest to an employer or to co- workers than a person's age.

    Questioning someone's personal life is inappropriate. However, it is wise to ask people of any age to discuss their suggestions for solving problems and managing change, and for managing stress.

    Whether you are interviewing a job applicant, selecting a new team member or considering a job change that will give you a new supervisor, look for evidence of the person's attitude toward work and toward co-workers.

    The perspective offered by a person who is different may spark you in a way that no one else could. Maybe that's just what your company needs. It also may be the very best thing for your own personal growth.

    If you catch yourself formulating opinions based upon a person's age, check yourself.

    Sometimes, you will be conscious of the fact that you have formed a first impression of a person based upon actual or presumed age, young or old.

    Sometimes you will not be aware of it, but you will have formed an opinion subconsciously. If you are about to make a negative decision, ask yourself if you are allowing an assumption about age differences to color your judgment.

    Margo Frey is president of Career Development Services Inc., Milwaukee.

    Career questions? To ask Margo Frey career-related questions: Call Sentinel PressLine Enter 223-2020 Press 2805

  9. Don't judge people by their appearance.
    If some people just see the other people's appearance to judge their personalities, this is unfair. And we can call them stereotypes.
    I think the stereotypes can't influence decision in a work place.

  10. People sometimes use stereotypes to judge each others , but this unfair because the appearance of people did not reflect their Personalities. many people have maybe stranger styl but they are a good. also as the artical mention if we use this way to judge the poeple we will loss benefiting from a mix of experiences and Knowledge at the work, but .Can stereotypes influence decision in a work place? Of course it will effect quality of the work if the staff at work use of stereotypes.

  11. their is something called first impressoin ,sometimes first impressoin might be right.then, you can judge people depends on their personality .however,its is inapropriate to judge others form thier appearance because it affects badly in work place..surely, seterotypeaffect the employees at the work place because no one of the collegues try to ask for more details.In additoin ,everyone is trying to be the best in his work for motivatoin.

  12. Glad to read 3 comments on Pauline's posting. Stereotypes are, without any doubt, a great issue everywhere we go. The article posted seems to be more focused on age stereotypes though.
    I would like to go over your comments now. Candice said that we shouldn't judge people based on their looks, which is really true! However,I was a little bit puzzled because Candice also mentioned that stereotypes CAN'T influence decision making in a work place. Did you mean that stereotypes SHOULDN'T influence decision making? Later, Mustafa commented on that at the end of his posting. According to him, stereotypes will definitely AFFECT the work quality in the workplace. It will be great to hear some specific examples. Mustafa also did a great job pinpointing the fact that we should get advantage of listening to diverse experiences and opinions instead of judging people's looks.
    Ali, your comment was also good, but I wasn't sure about what you meant by "No one tries to ask for more details." I'd like to be more clear about this. (Ali excellent collocation use of "first impression"!)
    Thanks for participating in this discussion.

    Some vocabulary tips:
    Effect vs. affect
    Effect is mostly used as a noun, for example:
    Exposure to the sun had the effect of toughening his skin.
    Affect is mostly used as a verb, for example:
    Bad mood affects people's performance.

  13. Hi guys, sorry I am late.
    This is very interesting !!

    I think that the article's topic is perjudice through their appearance.
    sometimes, we judge by appearances,surely it is unfair. Moreover, we can realize that the probrem occur in working place from the article.
    In addition, evey people stressd out about that.
    It means,No one age group is exempt from personal strains and stresses.

    We need check ourselves,whether unconsciously, we jugde person from their appearance or not.
    If you are, you have to try change your perspective which decided person.

  14. I mean if any one of the employs need some help and Other employs use stereotypes to judge him the how can they help him. on other words This will create lack of cooperation in the work

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  16. i think streotypes should not apply to employ the employers ,,, because , their ability is more important .

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